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<   No. 33   2003-02-22   >

Comic #33

1 Iki Piki: What shall we do with the prisoner?
2 Spanners: Kill him!
3 Paris: You can't kill him in cold blood!
4 Spanners: I'm an insect!

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2011-12-07 Rerun commentary: My sets really hadn't settled down yet. In the background here we can see a medieval castle wall, a blue bay window, an archway, and some girders.

I have no idea what all of that is meant to represent. Some sort of generic high-tech background set, presumably.

I think at this point I was still concerned about the round bases the miniatures are mounted on, thinking they would be conspicuous and look weird if shown against a contrasting background. So that's why they're standing on a light brown surface, so the bases would sort of blend in a bit and you could fall for the illusion that they're not there. As it happens, that light brown base is simply the top of my desk, so that was convenient.

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