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<   No. 3023   2011-05-07   >

Comic #3023

1 Alvissa: He's immune to fire, Kyros! Use one of your other elemental skills!
2 Kyros: Right. How about an earthquake then? Forces of the Earth, heed to my will!
3 SFX: rumble rumble rumble rumble crunch! crack! boom! {the Golden Citadel collapses into a pile of rubble}
4 Ardaxar: Okay. Now you've just made me angry.

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As I write this annotation, Japan has recently suffered the effects of a very serious earthquake. The comic itself was made before the earthquake.

I work closely with a group of people based at the Canon Optics Research and Development Centre in Utsunomiya, in northern Honshu. It's not in the zone devastated by the tsunami, but I understand there is considerable shaking damage at the research facility and associated factory, which will render both offline for a week or more, and that several of the staff there sustained injuries.

We live in an age where disasters of this magnitude are global in impact. A hundred years ago you wouldn't have known anybody in a land across the sea, let alone be involved in a close working partnership with them.

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