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<   No. 3018   2011-05-02   >

Comic #3018

1 SFX: Fwackoom!
2 Ardaxar: A fireball? Seriously?
3 Kyros: Hey, it was worth a shot.
4 Ardaxar: What part of "huge, ancient, red dragon" don't you understand?

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Red dragons, as every Dungeons & Dragons player knows, are the sort that breathe fire, and therefore have immunities to fire-based attacks. Those immunities differ with edition of the game:

But aren't dragons green, you ask? Sure, there are green dragons in Dungeons & Dragons, but they don't breathe fire. They breathe poisonous/corrosive gas - specifically identified as chlorine in early editions. Because we all know the traditional fantasy stories of brave knights fighting dragons that breathe chlorine on them.

But wait, there's more! Not satisfied with two different types of dragons, there are dragons of three other colours too:

[Aside: If you know Dungeons & Dragons at all, then you know all this already, as second nature. If you don't, then I should add this I Am Not Making This Up disclaimer.]

But wait, there's more! These are just the evil dragons! There are also good dragons! To distinguish them from their primary coloured brethren, the good dragons are metallic, and each one has a choice of two different breath weapons:

But wait, there's more! Some people, not satisfied with the limited palette of the original dragons demanded to know where the yellow, purple, orange, and brown dragons were. So they invented such things, and several saw publication in various gaming magazines, eventually making their way into official rule books. And then the metals seemed under-represented, so things like iron and mercury dragons appeared.

But wait, there's more! Around the same time, people realised that the rich dragon mythology of China wasn't represented, so a new class of "oriental" dragons appeared. River dragons! Earth dragons! Sea dragons! Spirit dragons!

But wait, there's more! And at this point I shall simply point interested readers here, to save myself from typing another 3000 words.

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