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<   No. 3032   2011-05-16   >

Comic #3032

1 Kyros: Forces of Water, hear my call!
2 Kyros: I summon forth a cage of ice!
3 SFX: ICE! {Ardaxar is caught in a block of ice}
4 Lambert: Cool!
4 Kyros: See, this is why I prefer fire. Better puns.

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This comic took several hours to make, because I had to wait for the ice to freeze.

Yes, that's real ice. I was hoping it would come out more clear than that, allowing you to see Ardaxar's body through it a bit more clearly. There's a trick you can do to achieve that, by freezing the ice in several thin layers, one layer at a time, adding more water on top after each layer has frozen. This allows the dissolved gases within the water to escape rather than being frozen into the ice and forming those streaky patterns of bubbles that obscure vision.

But having waited so long to make this block of ice, I didn't feel like spending ten or more times as long doing it again.

EDIT: Thanks to the dozens of people who wrote to say that another method of producing clear ice is to boil the water first to eliminate the dissolved gases in it. Also apparently the MythBusters tackled this problem and found the best way to produce large amounts of clear ice is to use a vibrating freezer, which actively shakes out the bubbles as the water freezes.

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