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<   No. 2674   2010-05-23   >

Comic #2674

1 {scene: the waterfront in Palermo}
1 Monty: Sicily! Once territory of Carthage, Rome's most implacable enemy.
2 Minnesota Jones: Actually, some research I did in France indicates a Gaulish village held out against the Romans and was never conquered.
2 Prof. Jones: Really?
3 Monty: Wow. That's an important discovery, grandad! It'll change our whole perception of the Roman conquests.
4 Minnesota Jones: Yes. Apparently two French artists are writing it up as a series of educational illustrated volumes.

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I'm currently reading a history of the Roman Empire. I'm learning a lot of stuff that I never really knew in detail before.

For example, all of the adventures of Asterix the Gaul must have taken place during, at most, the four and a bit year period between Caesar's victory in the Roman civil war at the end of 49 BC and his assassination in March of 44 BC.

That's amazing!

(And I realise this comic is several years too early for Goscinny and Uderzo to be starting work. Hey, give me some artistic licence.)

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