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<   No. 2667   2010-05-16   >

Comic #2667

1 {scene: The sea front in Tripoli}
1 Ginny: The Classical Museum is housed inside the 16th century Ottoman era Red Castle in Tripoli.
2 Ginny: It's still the most strategic fortification in North Africa. Any invading force would do well to take it.
3 Haken: Erwin! Write that down!
3 Erwin: Jawohl!
4 Ginny: You're taking archaeological notes?
4 Haken: Ja... archaeological, ja, of course. That is what I am doing.

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The 16th century Red Castle of Tripoli has housed a museum since 1919, immediately after World War I. It was originally called the Classical Museum, but has been renamed several times, to the Libyan Museum, the Jamahiriya Museum, the Red Castle Museum (or the Assaraya Alhamra Museum in Arabic).

It doesn't seem to have an official web site, but here's a reasonable unofficial one.

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