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<   No. 2589   2010-02-27   >

Comic #2589

1 Mordekai: Let's toss for it. Heads means left is the safe route, tails means right.
1 Lambert: You can't decide a fact by tossing a coin!
2 Draak: Draak go left.
2 Lambert: I'm following Draak. {they head for the left tunnel}
3 Mordekai: You can't decide it by following a lizard man!
4 Lambert: If Draak is going this way, it's safer for us than any other way.
4 Mordekai: Point.

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Neither can you decide a fact by having a debate. A debate is won by the person who can argue the best.

A fact is established by gathering and examining evidence, making deductions, making predictions, and testing those predictions against further observations and evidence.

Just because someone might be good at arguing, it doesn't make their statements true.

2024-05-18 Rerun commentary: Actually you can decide some facts by flipping a coin or rolling dice. It's called playing a game.

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