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<   No. 2580   2010-02-18   >

Comic #2580

1 Mordekai: So we know it's either the left or right tunnel that leads to safety. Let's split the difference and take the middle one.
2 Draak: That make sense.
2 Mordekai: See! Draak agrees!
3 Draak: Make sense like gnaw own arm off. Or like cut down tree for wood till no tree left.
4 Draak: Or like mad goat that eat glass.
4 Mordekai: Okay, okay! I get the point.
4 Draak: With spike bits. And hot sauce.

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Easter Island is a moderately small island isolated deep in the south-eastern Pacific Ocean, over 2000 kilometres from any other populated land. Polynesians colonised the island some time between about 300 and 1200 - the precise date is disputed amongst scholars.

When these original settlers arrived, Easter Island was covered in palm forest. The palm trees were a valuable natural resource, providing food, habitat for game, building material, and firewood. The inhabitants formed clans which eventually grew to be hostile to one another. They cut down the trees faster than the trees could regrow. This stripped the island bare, so that by the time Europeans first arrived in the 18th century, there were virtually no trees left on the entire island, and the people were undernourished and destroying their own population through warfare over their seriously depleted resources. With no source of wood, they couldn't even build boats to leave the island.

If you have trees, use them wisely. And don't eat glass with hot sauce.

2024-04-19 Rerun commentary: Actually on second thought, perhaps hot sauce could improve the flavour of broken glass. It's pretty bland.

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