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<   No. 2579   2010-02-17   >

Comic #2579

1 Droid 1: 110 PRINT "HELLO WORLD!"
2 C-3PO: Sub Main()
2 C-3PO: Console.WriteLine ("Hello World")
2 C-3PO: End Sub
3 Chewbacca: (defun hello-world () (print (list 'hello 'world)))
4 Droid 1: What the hell was that?
4 C-3PO: Oh yes, Wookiees don't speak Basic.

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The default lingua franca of the Star Wars universe is called Galactic Basic Standard, often referred to simply as Basic.

Not to be confused with BASIC.

Apparently Chewbacca speaks with a Lisp.

2024-04-18 Rerun commentary: BASIC has changed a lot since the good old line numbered version I first learnt from a book that I found in my school library. My friends and I had fun writing BASIC programs and then manually interpreting them to see what the other people had programmed. As in using pen and paper. We couldn't actually run the code on a computer, since none of us had access to a computer.

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