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<   No. 18   2003-02-07   >

Comic #18

1 Paris: So, if this is science fiction, why are we slogging through a godforsaken swamp? On foot?!
2 Serron: Shh... There's probably foul creatures about.
2 Paris: If it's another dinosaur, I swear I'll scream.
3 GM: {evil grin}
4 Jar Jar: Meesa Jar Jar Binks!
4 Paris: Aaaarrrgggh!!!

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2011-11-19 Rerun commentary: Okay, it's a Jar Jar joke. Cheap shot, I know.

I didn't bother checking on the spelling of "Jar Jar", which is canonically without a hyphen. That's why it appears in this strip hyphenated, but not hyphenated in the transcript. (I just noticed this mismatch now, and I don't want to edit the transcript to make it wrong just to match the comic, and I don't want to edit the comic, because I'm supposed to be semi-retired now and not faffing about with comic image files any more...)

Keen eyed readers will notice the previous strip featured the GM behind a copy of GURPS Space, 2nd edition, while this strip features the GM behind a copy of... GURPS Space, 3rd edition! If you have a copy of GURPS Space, 3rd edition, you can see my name on the title page, listed under Playtesters. (3rd edition is out of print now, replaced by GURPS Space, 4th edition, although my name is still listed in the 4th edition, on the contents page.)

Having realised that a white wall behind my swamp set (that ubiquitous baseplate mentioned earlier) didn't look great, here I went for using a black clipboard. It also doesn't look great.

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