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<   No. 2475   2009-11-05   >

Comic #2475

1 Mercutio: Hmm. "Magic: the Gathering", "Hunter: the Reckoning", "Mage: the Awakening". There are lots of fantasy games named as "Noun: the Verb".
2 Shakespeare: That really should be "Noun: the Gerunding".
3 Ophelia: "Gerund" isn't a verb to be... um... gerunded.
4 Mercutio: You can gerund any verb!
4 Shakespeare: But only after verbing the noun.

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A gerund in English is a noun formed from a verb by the addition of the ending -ing, and possibly some subordinate qualifier words to form a noun phrase.

Well, that's the gist of it anyway. The Wikipedia article goes into a whole bunch ofother details that frankly make my eyes glaze over.

Eyes: the Glazing. Look for it at your friendly local game store soon.

2023-08-13 Rerun commentary: Wow, I just noticed that tricksy crossover of speech bubble arrows in the last panel. Normally I got to great lengths to avoid any need for speech bubbles to do this sort of thing. I suspect I didn't realise the implications of the character arrangement while arranging the photos, otherwise I would have worked out a way to place Will and Mercutio so that I didn't need to resort to what happened here.

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