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<   No. 2469   2009-10-30   >

Comic #2469

1 Shakespeare: Inspired by the success of Harry Potter, I'm going to start writing a children's story.
1 Ophelia: Good for you, Will!
2 Shakespeare: It's a darkly humorous morality tale about a poor boy who wins a tour of a fantastical chocolate factory.
3 Shakespeare: What do you think?
4 Ophelia: I think a tale about witches, prophecies, and the throne of Scotland would make better reading for young children.

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There really are some quite horrible images in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, both the book and both of the film adaptations (the first being retitled as Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory). But then you should expect nothing less of Roald Dahl, who made his name both as a writer of children's stories... and of horror novels.

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