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<   No. 239   2003-09-21   >

Comic #239

1 Vader: {leading the left-hooked evil Haken along a line of Stormtroppers} And these are some of our Imperial Stormtroopers.
2 Haken: But... this is fantastisch! We have Stormtroopers also in die Third Reich!
3 Vader: Are your Stormtroopers all highly competent, combat hardened, ruthlessly effective killing machines and expert marksmen?
4 Haken: But of course, Herr Vader!
4 Vader: You wouldn't mind sending us some, would you?

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2012-08-03 Rerun commentary: This is still one of my favourite gags in the entire run of the comic.

Imagine if Vader really did have crack shot stormtroopers, how differently things would have turned out. Well, Han would have been dead in Docking Bay 94 for starters, and Luke would have had to fly the Falcon with Chewie.

Also, reader Henk L. writes of the two Colonel Hakens:

But, they must both be evil. Unless one of them has a false goatee.
You know, he has a point!

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