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<   No. 2206   2009-02-09   >

Comic #2206

1 Mercutio: So wait... Not only is everyone from history here... and modern animals and dinosaurs...
2 Mercutio: But also apparently aliens from the future, mythical creatures, and fictional characters?
3 Terry: And apparently multiple copies of the same people from different points in their lives.
3 Mercutio: What else?!
4 Shrub: Ahem.

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It's unfortunate that Mercutio and Terry both use green speech bubbles. Because the obvious choice for colour for a plant was also green, which just would have been ridiculous. So I yellowed it down a bit.

2021-09-18 Rerun commentary: I was just wondering whether more plants or animals have ever lived. But I suppose it must be plants, being the bottom of the food chain and all.

So really the afterlife should resemble more of a tropical forest than a bunch of people milling around.

Or perhaps more of a mush of phytoplankton.

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