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<   No. 204   2003-08-17   >

Comic #204

1 Steve: So, Cthulhu, you want to destroy Paris? We'll just see about that!
2 Terry: Steve! Be careful! He'll drag you into the river!
3 [sound]: Splash!
3 Terry: {as Steve is dragged into the river} Steve!
4 Steve: {bobbing in the water} I'm okay, Terry. But how'd you know he'd do that?
4 Terry: Everyone knows if you fight Cthulhu you end up in Seine.

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Blame Hans Rancke for this one.

Thanks to Paul Killian for permission to use his photos of Paris as backgrounds.

2012-06-23 Rerun commentary: Having been to Paris recently... I'm not at all sure which bridge this could possibly be. I didn't see any bridges like this with buildings on them, like the Ponte Vecchio in Florence or Ponte di Rialto in Venice. I probably figured when I made this strip that Paris is similar enough to Italian cities that it probably has a bridge a bit like this.

The annotation above used to have a link to Paul Killian's website, but the link now seems to be dead, so I've removed it. (If you are Paul Killian and you'd like to provide an updated URL, let me know!)

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