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<   No. 205   2003-08-18   >

Comic #205

1 Mace Windu: No, the boy will not be trained.
1 Qui-Gon: But... he is the Chosen One.
2 Qui-Gon: Surely you must see that.
2 Yoda: The Chosen One the boy may be...
3 Yoda: But terrible his acting is.
3 Mace Windu: We're sending him to acting school instead.
4 Mace Windu: So when he grows up and falls in love with Amidala, at least it'll be convincing.

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I just want to say that this strip has more speech bubble pointers with two non-vertical sides than any other so far. Those things are a pain to do.

You might have noticed the speech bubble pointers nearly always have one vertical side. I do that because flood-fill misses the anti-aliased pixels on the inside edge of diagonal lines, so I have to fill them in by hand with a paintbrush tool. Doing that along two edges doubles the work. I tried increasing the flood-fill tolerance to try to get the anti-aliased pixels once, and ended up colouring the entire strip.

2012-06-25 Rerun commentary: Phew... I remember those bad old days of using Paint Shop Pro to do the comic layout. Thankfully I moved on to Photoshop and it had much easier tools for doing the speech bubble tails. Or else I might have given up this comic thing years earlier.

Also I notice the dialogue flow here is incredibly confusing. You need to start with the top bubble in each panel, despite the fact that the lower one is further left and feels like it should probably come first. Basically, I goofed making this strip, and I'd never make it this way nowadays. The flow of dialogue from speech bubble to bubble should be completely natural and unambiguous.

What I like about this strip is the use of actual LEGO components in the background, outside the windows, to represent the skyscrapers of Coruscant. Now if only the sky was a more natural colour... though I guess you could claim it's dusk. Or smoggy.

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