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<   No. 209   2003-08-22   >

Comic #209

1 Newspaper: SADDAM'S WMDs FOUND
1 Newspaper: In a stunning discovery, UN inspectors have uncovered evidence of genetic reconstruction technology used by Iraqi scientists to clone live dinosaurs from preserved DNA samples taken from specimens in the Baghdad Museum. Experts say the
1 Newspaper: includes species such as Tyrannosaurus, capable of devouring an entire platoon of soldiers, Triceratops, able to overturn an M1 Abrams tank, Diplodocus, with the ability to trample thousands of fleeing civilians, and Allosaurus, with teeth the size of really big
1 Newspaper: COMMENT by Steve
1 Newspaper: "CRIKEY!" Who'da thunk it, eh? That slippery bastard's been messin' with nature! These critters deserve our respect, not to be treated as dangerous monsters. Crikey!

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Somene mentioned to me that he saw a tabloid newspaper with a story that struck him as being straight out of Irregular Webcomic! Not being one to pass up the opportunity to plagiarise blatantly be creatively inspired by secondary sources, I decided to do my own take on the story.

Turns out the story was from the infamous Weekly World News. I've since seen a copy of the front page and am pleased that mine turned out so differently. Mine's more believable, for starters.

2012-06-29 Rerun commentary: This was a very topical comic which was always going to age badly. It's still close enough that most of you probably remember the ultimately fruitless search for Saddam Hussein's alleged weapons of mass destruction. But give it another five to ten years and there'll be kids who have absolutely no idea what this comic is about.

Just rest assured: it's hilarious.

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