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<   No. 193   2003-08-06   >

Comic #193

1 Dirque: Cap'n, there be someone wantin' to join the crew!
1 Long Tom: Arrr! Where be he?
2 Dirque: He be a she, Cap'n! Her name be Wendy!
2 Long Tom: What qualifications be ye havin'?
3 Wendy: I've ailed wi' Blackbeard, killed ten men wi' cutlass, and found John Savage's treasure!
3 Long Tom: Not enough!
4 Wendy: An' I be good at talkin' like a pirate! Avast ye swab! Arrrrr!
4 Long Tom: Ye be hired!

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2012-06-11 Rerun commentary: The pirate ship was always difficult to photograph properly. It's a great LEGO model, but it's huge, and the main problem that presents is simply having enough backdrop behind it so that you don't see bits of my living room in shot. Rather than the blue towel used previously for the sea, I switched to a blue tablecloth here, covering the entire dining table and so giving me more blue surface to fill the background.

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