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<   No. 1814   2008-01-14   >

Comic #1814

1 {scene: The Oval Office}
1 Science Advisor: The Speaker of the House is here to see you, Mr President.
2 Science Advisor: He wants to discuss a bipartisan approach to this imminent asteroid threat.
2 Allosaurus: Raaarrhhh!
3 Science Advisor: Yes, sir. I'll show him in.
4 Tyrannosaurus: {entering} GRAAARRHHH!!!

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I got this Tyrannosaurus model from a toy store in Munich during my trip to Germany in 2007. When I saw it, I simply had to have it. :-)

It's taken me a long time to work it into a strip, unfortunately.

2018-08-31 Rerun commentary: I had to learn a bit about how the US political system works in order to make this comic. Here in Australia, the advisor would have said to Prime Minister Allosaurus that the Leader of the Opposition was here to see him. But as I learnt when writing this strip, there is no such thing as a designated leader of the party of which the President is not a member. i.e. if the President is a Democrat, there is no official "Leader of the Republican Party", or vice versa.

Asking some Americans to help me out, I learnt that the Speaker of the House of Representatives is a senior political role, and it is possible for the Speaker to be from the opposing party to the President (though this is not always the case). So in this case we can assume that Speaker Tyrannosaurus is from a party opposed to President Allosaurus.

Another possibility, as I've just learnt from looking up that Wikipedia link, is provided by the party leaders of the House, who may actually be the closest equivalent of party leaders as they function in the Westminster System. Although trying to draw too close a parallel between these vastly different political systems is always fraught with inaccuracies.

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