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<   No. 1690   2007-09-12   >

Comic #1690

1 Lambert: Back into the tunnels. Well, at least we have light again, thanks to Kyros. {the party re-enters the secret dwarven passage, led by Kyros, who lights the way with his glowing magical orb}
2 Mordekai: {looking around in the gloom} Is there a reason none of us have a lantern?
3 Kyros: I've got a couple.
3 Mordekai: You?! What use is that?
4 Kyros: "Let the wizard carry them! We need our hands free to fight!" they said. "And he has the least encumbrance!" they said.

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There's so much to learn about Photoshop. I recently figured out how to record and use actions, which has made a lot of my tasks easier. I've now created an action that automatically produces the glowing orb effect seen here, so I can now do it in about 3 seconds, rather than the manual procedure that took a couple of minutes.

And for those not savvy with Dungeons & Dragons, encumbrance is a game term which describes how much stuff a person is carrying. Having a high encumbrance is bad, since it slows you down, making it harder to run away from nasty monsters.

2018-03-03 Rerun commentary: Not that most people use the encumbrance rules as written. It's a lot of fiddly book-keeping for a relatively minor gain in realism that is arguably less fun than just ignoring it.

These days I tend to go with a GM-fiat approach to how much people can carry without getting weighed down. Whatever seems reasonable is allowed, but if things get silly then I'll just say, "You can't carry all that". Easy and quick.

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