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<   No. 1538   2007-04-13   >

Comic #1538

1 Alvissa: How are you going to destroy the Bridge?
2 Kyros: The Balrog is a creature of elemental flame. By channelling its essence I can conjure a fireball the likes of which have never been seen before!
3 Kyros: Enough to crack the Bridge and send the Balrog plummeting to its doom!
4 Lambert: Oh gods! My life is flashing before my eyes!
4 Mordekai: Interesting?
4 Lambert: A steadily increasing pageant of fireballs...

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I always wondered about that "life flashing before your eyes" thing. Never having been in immediate physical peril that made me fear for my life*, I wonder at the most basic level if it actually happens, and if so to what percentage of people? And how vivid is it? And how does it seem to cram so much in to a short amount of time? Does it skip over the boring bits? Can you find out where you left and forgot something that you've been looking for, by viewing the action replay, as it were? So many questions!

Not that I'm in any great rush to find out.

* I have been in pretty dire straits one time when I was admitted to hospital with a raging staph infection. But even when told by the doctors that they weren't sure if I'd pull through, I don't recall at any stage actually feeling fear that I might die.

2017-03-12 Rerun commentary: It's a bit of a shame these images only exist at this fairly low resolution. I did make them bigger originally, but didn't archive the full sized images, because those were the days when I was fighting against limited disk space. (Well, it's still limited, but a much bigger limit nowadays.) The good news is that I now keep much larger resolution originals for all comics (which will enable high quality printing at some future date).

And on the asterisked point in the above original annotation, I suppose I didn't feel fear when told by doctors that I might possibly die because it was a fairly relaxed situation - relatively speaking - and I was kind of primed for it by being in hospital violently ill for the past several hours, as opposed to being thrown into a sudden life-or-death situation in which the adrenalin is really pumping.

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