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<   No. 1530   2007-04-05   >

Comic #1530

1 Yeti: Well, there's just no two ways about it. We simply must rescue this Steve chap from the horrible clutches of Cthulhu.
2 Yeti: And save the people of Nepal from a dreadfully ghastly fate at the same time, I jolly well imagine.
3 Tery: Thank you. But... how do you plan to defeat Cthulhu?
4 Yeti: We'll wrestle him! {other yetis pump their arms enthusiastically}
4 Terry: Are you sure Steve has never visited here before?

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The reason I have three yetis is that a reader donated one to me. Then later on, another reader sent me one. And then I got another one from another reader.

They're in the comic now! Stop sending me yetis! ;-)

2017-02-22 Rerun commentary: I seem to recall when this comic was originally published there was some discussion in the forums about the apparent smiley face appearing in Terry's tea mug in panel 3. Once you see it, you won't be able to unsee it. This was caused by the distorted reflection of some LEGO studs from the table.

And yes, that is an unusually shaped teapot, isn't it?

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