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<   No. 1522   2007-03-28   >

Comic #1522

1 {scene: The yeti village, where tea is laid out on a table.}
1 Yeti: Good show, we're just in time for afternoon tea. Now, what can we do for you?
2 Terry: It's my husband, Steve...
2 Yeti: Sorry, one lump or two?
3 Terry: Sugar?
3 Yeti: Yak butter.
4 Terry: Er... none... thanks...
4 Yeti: You were saying?

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Adding yak butter to your tea is the traditional Tibetan method of preparation. Although apparently it's not actually an optional last minute extra like sugar - the tea is prepared with the butter mixed in well before it gets to the serving stage.

2017-02-05 Rerun commentary: And yes, unlike radiation suits, I have three yetis.

The background cloudy sky here uses a slightly lighter shade of blue than usual. I did that on purpose to give an impression of high snowy mountains. In reality the blue of daylight sky gets darker as you go up in altitude, since there's less atmosphere above you to scatter the incoming sunlight, which is what produces the blue colour. As you reach the upper expanses of the atmosphere, the sky transitions smoothly to the black of space.

But still, I think a lighter sky somehow conveys snowy mountainy-ness better than making it darker.

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