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<   No. 1418   2006-12-14   >

Comic #1418

1 {scene: on board the Hogwarts Express}
1 Hermione: So tell us more about yourself.
1 Will: Well, I'm a writer...
1 Hermione: Oooh! What do you write?
2 Will: Stirring tragic plays highlighting the eternal dilemmas and conflicts of the human condition. Historical dramas to educate and entertain.
3 Will: Absurdist comedies of mistaken identity and folly. Soaring romances that pierce the most jaded heart to the very core. Sonnets and epic poetry...
4 {scene change: The office, where Shakespeare is sitting at his desk, staring at his computer screen}
4 Shakespeare: <sigh> "Content Management System Database API Technical Specification version 2.1" and Harry Potter fan-fic...

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I'm hoping it's clear enough that they're inside the Hogwarts Express in panels 1 to 3. I thought I'd shot people inside the train before, but going back through the archives reveals I'd only ever done people looking out the windows, not having a conversation inside the train.

(The Cliffhangers cast were inside a train at one point, but I built a custom compartment for them.)

2016-07-25 Rerun commentary: To shoot them inside the train, I actually took one entire side wall of the train off, so I could poke the camera into position and not get blocked by it. This messed up the structural integrity quite substantially, and I ended up modifying the other side wall (seen behind the characters) a bit too. This is why there's a gap under the black block, and also under the windows.

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