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<   No. 1381   2006-11-07   >

Comic #1381

1 Head Death: FINE. YOU WIN. YOU AND HITLER'S BRAIN WILL NOW BE RETURNED TO LIFE. {Adam and Hitler's Brain vanish, returning to life.}
3 Cameraman: What about me?
4 Death of Inhaling Hatmaking Chemicals: OH. FAIR 'NUFF.

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The curse of the minor character without a name strikes again!

2016-06-03 Rerun commentary: If this were Star Wars, the cameraman would have a name, an extended backstory about how he has a family with three kids, and about that one time he happened to be present in a bar in Marrakesh when Monty Jones had a fist fight with some Nazis, and how he met Steve and Terry in the jungles of Venezuela once, and how he tried to open a pizza shop in competition to Giuseppe's in the town where Ishmael attends college but it failed due to poor accounting services that he outsourced to the Nigerian Finance Ministry. All this would appear on his Wookiepedia page, together with the five appearances the cameraman made on different cards in the IWC trading card game.

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