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<   No. 1380   2006-11-06   >

Comic #1380

1 Sallah: Are we dead, Monty?
1 Monty: I don't think so, Sallah.
2 Ginny: {standing on a wall overlooking the execution site} Colonel Haken! That was a warning shot! The next one is aimed at you!
3 Haken: Ach! Fraulein Doktor Smith!
4 Monty: Of all the executions, in all the towns, in all the world, she had to walk into mine...

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Ha hah! How many of you predicted that!

Okay, some of you did - I saw the posts on the forum.

Anyway, this is the first appearance of the mysterious Dr Ginny Smith since she jumped out of the zeppelin with Erwin way back in #1140.

And if you don't recognise the last line, you should check out Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest.

2016-06-01 Rerun commentary: It's almost like Monty didn't want to be rescued.

After showing the wall against which the Joneses were to be shot for several strips, suddenly to make this one I had to extend the set vertically upwards by a considerable amount. I don't know where they are*, because the architecture behind the wall is rather chaotic.

* Well, besides in Berlin, obviously.

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