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<   No. 1379   2006-11-05   >

Comic #1379

1 Steve: {sitting at his computer} I've been doin' some research, to find out some facts, Terry.
1 Terry: You've been doing what?
2 Steve: To find an animal that's not a reptile. Most of 'em are boring!
2 Terry: You've been doing what?
3 Steve: I think I found a good one we can go film. There's this whole website about them!
3 Terry: To find out some what?
4 Steve: The yeti!
4 Terry: Ah, I understand now.

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The brief interlude in the ongoing adventures of Steve and Terry had nothing to do with the death of the (completely unrelated and in no way inspirational to this theme) Steve Irwin. I'd planned a short break to allow some other long-neglected themes to return some months ago. But now they're back, and ready for adventure!

2016-05-31 Rerun commentary: Steve may be using such reliable fact sources as Cryptid Wiki, Monster Wiki, and

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