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<   No. 1169   2006-04-09   >

Comic #1169

1 {scene: Hitler's Brain's chamber in Berlin. Haken and the Joneses are in the room.}
1 Haken: Mein Führer, I am most sorry to report that Erwin lost die orichalcum somewhere over Poland.
2 Hitler's Brain: Die German army will be ruthless in its efforts to find them!
3 Haken: I knew you would be displeased with him.
4 Hitler's Brain: Oh, no... I was looking for an excuse to invade anyway.

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You know a webcomic has been going for a while when a character who has only appeared once in the last 500 strips is a regular cast member. (Hitler's Brain last appeared in #649 prior to that strip.)

As it turns out, you can't see it very well, but Colonel Haken can hold a gun in his hook. I'm not sure how he pulls the trigger though.

2015-08-11 Rerun commentary: It's never been explained exactly where Hitler's Brain's chamber is in Berlin. One could plausibly posit a couple of possible locations, such as within or beneath the Reichstag, or inside the Führerbunker.

The latter is perhaps the most likely, as it's full of Führerbunkum.

Or possibly it's in the basement of a potato restaurant where I had dinner one evening while holidaying in Germany. Yes, they have potato restaurants in Germany.

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