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<   No. 1168   2006-04-08   >

Comic #1168

1 Marcus: So this is Hades.
1 Charon: Yes.
2 {Silent frame showing the landscape of Hades, made of rectangular Lego blocks, all hard perpendicular edges without a diagonal line anywhere.}
3 Marcus: I didn't think it would be so...
4 Julius: Blocky.
4 Charon: You should have seen the look on Sisyphus' face.

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This will discriminate between those readers who really know their Greek mythology and those who don't.

For those who don't, I'm not going to explain it, beyond recommending you read up on Sisyphus. You'll appreciate the joke more if you figure it out for yourself.

2015-08-10 Rerun commentary: Hades is also notably grey here. I did that by desaturating the blocks of the background in Photoshop after shooting. The reason is because Hades is usually describes as a gloomy place where all the colours of life are drained away by the despair. The Dungeons & Dragons treatment of this mythological place as a real (in-game) place of inherent evil that characters can actually visit refers to it as The Grey Wastes of Hades.

This greyness of course does not extend to the happy pink fence around Hades.

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