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<   No. 1056   2005-12-17   >

Comic #1056

1 Alvissa: You stole the bail money?!
1 Mordekai: I prefer "returned to its rightful owner".
2 Alvissa: All 40 nobles?!
2 Mordekai: Er... 40 was it? Um, yeah, that's all I took.
3 Kyros: Say, Mordekai, why don't you return the "whole 40 nobles" and then we can "share" the feeling of honesty?
4 Alvissa: Do I look stupid?
4 Draak: Draak want share too!
4 Lambert: What? I don't get it...

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The monetary system of the realm uses copper coins called commons, silver ones called nobles, and gold coins called crowns. The copper and gold coinage haven't been mentioned before, but I just wanted to share some of the incredible depth and richness of the world I've developed for these characters.

Sharing is good.

2015-03-14 Rerun commentary: I like that Draak immediately understands Kyros's hinted plan, but Lambert has no idea.

And don't even think about trying to pull one over on Alvissa.

I'm incredibly pleased with the idea of low valued coins being called "commons", medium value being "nobles", and the highest value being "crowns" - reflecting of course the social hierarchy in a pseudo-feudal society. I've used this system of coinage in many games.

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