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<   No. 1062   2005-12-23   >

Comic #1062

1 {scene: an angry mob bearing pitchforks and flaming torches spots the fantasy party just outside the town of Footcrag}
1 Mob Member: There they are! They stole the town treasury! After them!
2 Alvissa: <sigh> Just once I'd like to leave a town without getting chased out by an angry mob...
3 GM: You think you have problems? I had to make fresh copies of generic mob character sheets, they were getting so worn out.

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These finely painted angry mob miniatures were kindly donated to me by a reader. I think they'll be seeing a lot of use in this theme...

2015-03-21 Rerun commentary: The angry mob did indeed see lots of use over the years. Thank you once again to the generous reader who sent them to me!

It's amazing how many odd corners of plot writing you can get out of merely by invoking an angry mob.

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