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<   No. 99   2003-05-03   >

Comic #99

1 Prof. Jones: This is it! The Grail should be just down this corridor!
2 Prof. Jones: Look Junior! A knight! He must have been here guarding the Grail since the Crusades!
3 Monty: {looking over the table covered in cups} Er... So which one is it?
3 Knight: That's for me to know, and you to find out.
4 Prof. Jones: You've had over 800 years to come up with a cool logic puzzle, and that's the best you can do?

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2012-02-22 Rerun commentary: Guarding the Holy Grail for that long must have been really, really boring.

Talking about the movie scene of which this strip is a parody: What did that knight eat, anyway? Did he live off the life-giving essence of the Grail and not require any other sustenance? You'd think he would have aged a bit more gracefully.

In this strip we see the use of LEGO castle walls as backgrounds. These are great pieces for backgrounds, as they're fairly large, which means you only need a few of them to throw together quickly to make a large background. And they have interesting shapes which gives the background some texture that you don't get with a neat wall of monocoloured bricks.

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