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<   No. 95   2003-04-29   >

Comic #95

1 Prof. Jones: {crossing a perilous rope bridge} So, Junior, if you don't want to save the world, why are you into archaeology?
2 Monty: For the adventure... climbing cliffs, escaping in aeroplanes, swinging from broken bridges...
3 Monty: {opening mysterious door} It's like always being at an amusement park.
4 Idol: Sorry, we're closed.
4 Monty: Again?!
4 Prof. Jones: I see what you mean.

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Thanks to That Cat Girl for the marvellous script for this one.

I posted the photos only to my LiveJournal and asked for suggestions for a script. And my idea to foist some of the creative requirements off on to someone else worked wonderfully.

2012-02-17 Rerun commentary: Still no backgrounds apart from the blank white wall behind the set.

It's around this point that I was starting to realise that writing a gag every day was difficult work. I ended up doing several strips in this manner: taking photos first, posting them, and soliciting script suggestions. Eventually I managed to get into a writing rhythm and build up a buffer of many scripts so that I didn't face this problem any more.

This strip was really motivated by the recent acquisition of a new LEGO set, with the rope bridge and skull idol thing as shown. It's nice to show off spffy new sets.

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