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<   No. 893   2005-07-07   >

Comic #893

1 Spanners: We can't freeze Paris' body and take it to a planet. We'd never get it through quarantine.
2 Serron: We could if we don't declare it to customs...
3 Iki Piki: Wait a minute. Are you actually proposing we take a risk to potentially help Paris?
4 Serron: Oh. No, I was thinking we could use her body to transport some... er... goods I might have. Hypothetically.

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A reader wrote to tell me that I was using my apostrophe incorrectly in Paris' body, and that it should be written Paris's body, because the rule of leaving off the s after the apostrophe only applies to plural nouns, such as when talking about the horses' saddles.

Although this does make sense from a pronunciation point of view, it is not a hard and fast rule of English grammar. Several well-regarded manuals of English usage and style indicate that either method of using an apostrophe on a person's name that ends with an s is acceptable, so long as one is consistent. And, since I began this way, I'll stay consistent.

2014-09-05 Rerun commentary: Except I've later changed my mind and decided that I now prefer Paris's. I don't recall if I actually switched and used the additional 's' form anywhere in the comic later on - we shall have to wait and see.

Either way, you may now call me inconsistent.

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