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<   No. 885   2005-06-29   >

Comic #885

1 Alvissa: Footcrag is a town near the base of the Orcrift Mountains.
2 Alvissa: Once there we can resupply for our trek into the mountains.
3 Kyros: So how long will it take us to get to Footcrag?
4 GM: {rolling eyes} About six more bad jokes...

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That's a Greyhawk AD&D campaign setting book I'm using. Back when I said I liked the idea of a culture of itinerant barge people, I didn't make it clear that it wasn't actually my idea. I got it from Greyhawk, which included the Rhenee barge gypsies as an element in the campaign setting.

2014-08-27 Rerun commentary: Footcrag was first mentioned in #872, and here is the first time that anything else apart from its name is described. It may be the place where the Fantasy gang spent more time than anywhere else on their adventures, though we weren't to know that at this time.

I always liked the World of Greyhawk as a framing setting for the D&D adventures I ran. The Forgotten Realms setting seems to be somewhat more popular, both with the public and with the publishers, TSR/Wizards of the Coast, but I never got into that setting. To me, the essence of D&D will always be the feel of Greyhawk.

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