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<   No. 884   2005-06-28   >

Comic #884

1 {scene: Platform 9 3/4}
1 Hermione: Hi Harry, Ron. Can you believe it? Our sixth year at Hogwarts!
2 Hermione: What do you think will happen this year?
3 Harry: I think we'll meet some sort of prince. Of mixed descent.
4 Hermione: Oh, don't be so ridiculous!

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Well, we'll find out soon. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince is released in just a few days.

2014-08-26 Rerun commentary: And now, some nine years after the event, with the book and the associated movie both ancient history (in pop culture terms), it turns out Harry was strictly only partially right in a literal sense (though more right in a literary sense). I won't spoil it any further here.

Again that weird LEGO scaling thing is evident here, with Harry and Hermione and Ron being taller than the steam engine boiler of the Hogwarts Express. I'd like to see some LEGO models built to a correct scale proportional to the height of minifigures - though such models would probably be too big and expensive to be practical sellers.

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