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<   No. 816   2005-04-21   >

Comic #816

1 {scene: the pirate ship, at sea somewhere in the Caribbean}
1 Dirque: Arrr Wendy! Where be the cap'n?
2 Wendy: He be holed up in yon cap'n's cabin, Dirque!
3 Wendy: He be sayin' he have some serious piratin' business to be attendin' to! Arrr!
4 {scene change: Cap'n Long Tom's cabin}
4 Long Tom: {sitting at a computer} Arrr, I be needin' more bandwidth an' disk space for these scurvy music downloads!

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The long hiatus in the Pirates theme is finally over. We last saw them way back in #495. What's more, Dirty Dirque last had a line way, way back in #236, 580 strips ago.

2014-06-07 Rerun commentary: You can tell this strip is set in the distant past. Nowadays pirating music is old hat - you'd be much more likely to pirate movies or video games. For which you need even more download bandwidth and disk space.

It's kind of lucky that the scurvy buccaneers of the 16th century Caribbean never had any communications technology more sophisticated than running up the Jolly Roger.

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