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<   No. 785   2005-03-21   >

Comic #785

1 Steve: {back inside his house} Jane Goodall?! Crikey! What'd I ever do to make her want me dead?
2 Terry: {checking computer} Actually... there's a list on her web site.
3 Terry: And the World Wildlife Fund site seems to have one too...
4 Terry: Hmmm... and the United Nations...
4 Steve: The Secretary General got antivenin in time!

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2014-05-02 Rerun commentary: I used the word "antivenin" in this comic because that was the word I learnt as a kid. "Antivenom" somehow still sounds wrong to me.

Wikipedia says that "antivenin" used to be the standard spelling "around the world" (by which I presume it means in the English-speaking world, possibly as well as other European languages), ever since the 19th century. And that in 1981 the World Health Organisation decided that "antivenom" was (for some reason) preferable, and adopted that for its English usage instead.

Incidentally, the list of antivenins on that Wikipedia page lists antivenins available for 12 different venomous animals from Australia. This is higher than any other country listed - the next highest is Brazil with a mere 6 available antivenins. This proves clearly that Australia is safer than any other country when it comes to venomous animals!

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