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<   No. 784   2005-03-20   >

Comic #784

1 Minnesota Jones: {now in the lead, with Dr Jones} If my calculations are correct, the exit should be just around this corner.
2 Monty: Oh come on, Grandad. What do you know about hopelessly devious labyrinthine traps?
3 Monty: Arcane and cunningly engineered twisted passages through which attempted navigation is enough to drive men insane?!
4 Monnesota Jones: {turning a corner to reveal the exit} In my youth I used to design income tax forms for the government.

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2014-05-01 Rerun commentary: Looking at this strip now, I'm really pleased with the photography here. The one problem is that in the final panel the shadows imply that there's a bright light source behind them - inside the labyrinth - when by all rights most (if not all) of the light should be coming from the open doorway in front of them.

Ah well.

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