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<   No. 772   2005-03-08   >

Comic #772

1 {scene: Walking through the Minoan labyrinth. Drs Smith and Jones have again fallen to the back of the group.}
1 Monty: You can't let Haken shoot us and take the orichalcum back to Berlin! They'll build indestructible machines of war!
2 Ginny: No, I plan to shoot you and take it back to Moscow, so Mother Russia can build indestructible machines of war!
3 Monty: That wasn't quite the alternative I had in mind.
4 Ginny: You prefer to be stabbed?

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I didn't notice Professor Jones had fallen over into the labyrinth wall until I started assembling the photos into the strip. Maybe he's had a bit too much to drink from his hip flask...

2014-04-17 Rerun commentary: Ah, the hazards of working with actors! I bet movie directors have to put up with this sort of stuff all the time. Extras in the background tripping over or something on an otherwise perfect take of some scene, which the director didn't notice until the editor starts cutting the footage together. Or the infamous stormtrooper in Star Wars bumping his head on the door frame.

Of such stuff are legends made! Embrace the imperfections!

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