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<   No. 664   2004-11-20   >

Comic #664

1 Sallah: {walking past some old ruins} How are we getting from Athens to Santorini, Monty?
2 Monty: It's an island, so we take a boat.
3 Prof. Jones: This is going to be too slow! Haken will have gone by zeppelin! They're probably uncovering the secrets of Atlantis right now!
4 {scene change: Santorini}
4 Erwin: {to a bull statue} Moooo...!

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The photos in the first two panels are used with permission of the photographer, Kevin Putnam. The third panel background is from morgueFile.

The first panel is actually a photo of the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion, a bit south of Athens. Panels two and three are the Acropolis, in Athens proper.

And what is it about cows that people feel the need to moo at them?

2013-12-12 Rerun commentary: I suppose it makes more sense than meowing at them. At least you have a chance of saying something a cow might understand.

I know when I drive in the countryside and pass fields with cows in them, I tend to moo at them. Maybe this is a sign of something.

Like the fact that I like to have fun and do weird stuff!

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