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<   No. 66   2003-03-31   >

Comic #66

1 Steve: This looks like a good spot to set up camp.
2 Terry: But Steve, are you sure it's safe?
3 Steve: Oh, you know me Terry. If there was a dangerous critter within cooee of here, I'd know about it.
4 Steve: {lying back on a nice relaxing crocodile by some snakes, scorpions, and spiders} I'll just rest on this log and set up camp in a few minutes.

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2012-01-14 Rerun commentary: Being Australian, Steve naturally uses many Australian slang terms. Being Australian, this is easy for me to write.

Not necessarily being Australian, this has sometimes been hard for some readers to understand.

"Cooee" is a word mainly used as a call or signal to people some distance away. Done properly, a good "cooee" can carry a long way through bushland terrain and vegetation, making your presence and direction known at a far greater distance than is possible by sight. The call is used for various purposes, including announcing your presence, calling for help, calling for someone who has been lost, responding to someone calling to find where you are, directing people to your location, and so on.

From this, the phrase "within cooee" is used to indicate something similar to "within spitting distance", only with substantially more of a range.

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