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<   No. 632   2004-10-19   >

Comic #632

1 {scene: Outdoors, in the forest just outside the village. Lambert is the only one standing; Draak, Mordekai, and Kyros are lying on the ground.}
1 Lambert: {bleary eyed} So we're badly hungover?
1 Draak: {moaning} Draak head hurt.
2 GM: You bet. Remember that time a troll dropped a boulder on you? This is worse. Let that be a lesson to you.
3 Lambert: So what'll we do about it?
3 Mordekai: Hair of the dog?
4 Lambert: {excited} Yeah! Back to the tavern!
4 Draak: {standing up quickly} Draak need more stout!
4 Mordekai: {enthusiastic} Mead!
4 Kyros: {up and at 'em} Ale!

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Yeah, they've woken up in a clearing in the forest somewhere in the general vicinity of the village. Must have been a great party the night before...

2013-11-05 Rerun commentary: The phrase "hair of the dog" has its origins in a supposed cure for rabies. If bitten by a rabid dog, you were to place some of the hair of the dog that bit you on to the wound.

All things considered, I think trashing a tavern sounds like a lot more fun.

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