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<   No. 625   2004-10-12   >

Comic #625

1 {scene: Hitler's brain's chamber}
1 Hitler's Brain: Before you leave for Santorini, we will check your story.
2 Hitler's Brain: Erwin, go check to see that Herr Doktor and Professor Jones are not escaping.
2 Erwin: Jawohl, mein Führer!
3 [caption]: A few minutes later...
3 Hitler's Brain: So, is die cell empty, or are die two of them in there?
4 Erwin: Nein, mein Führer! There are three of them in there, and they're arguing!

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This is the revised DVD special edition of this strip, with director's commentary.

This is the first time I've ever had to explicitly indicate a significant gap of time between two consecutive panels in a strip. In the original version (shown below), I used a vertical line in an attempt to indicate the discontinuity between panels 2 and 3.

Several readers wrote to tell me that this was rather clumsy and ineffective, and suggested a few other options. The simplest was so obvious I thwapped myself on the head for not thinking of it, and decided to change the strip to use it.

2013-10-28 Rerun commentary: Back in 2003 when this comic was made, DVD was a fairly new format and still something of a novelty to me. DVDs were first released in Australia in 1999 (the US got them in 1997, and Japan in 1996). At first it was exciting getting all those special features and commentaries and stuff on DVDs. Now it's just a bunch of useless material you'll never have time to watch. I have quite a lot of DVDs now, and I've watched any of the bonus material on maybe 10% of them.

Fortunately for readers of this comic, the bonus material doesn't take hours of your time. Mostly.

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