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<   No. 622   2004-10-09   >

Comic #622

1 Sallah: {popping up out of the hole Monty has dug in the prison cell floor} Monty! Professor Jones! Finally I've found you!
1 Monty: Sallah!
2 Sallah: Come on, let's go! You've dug this tunnel, what are we waiting for?
3 Monty: Dad won't leave without something. Two guesses as to what.
4 Sallah: Well if it had been one guess, his hip flask. But two? A woman?!

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The return of Sallah, who we last saw in Venezuela. How did he find Monty and Prof. Jones? Simple. Whenever he loses them he simply travels to Berlin and checks all the prison cells.

2013-10-24 Rerun commentary: Oh, looks like I spoke too soon! Well, Monty did still have time to finish the escape tunnel before Sallah showed up.

And yep, Professor Jones enjoys the classic hedonistic trilogy of wine, women, and song. I really should have showed him singing at some point.

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