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<   No. 614   2004-10-01   >

Comic #614

1 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {walking across the infinite grey plane of Death} 900 years, 900 years. Who do I know who's lived for over 900 years?
2 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {camera tracking back} Ah, I know... But there's no way he'll die naturally. I'll need some help.
3 Death of Insanely Overpowered Fireballs: {camera pulls right back, showing the vast expanse of the infinite plane around him} But who would be crazy enough to take him on...?
4 {scene change: Steve and Terry's house}
4 Steve: {on the phone} You want me to wrestle Cthulhu to wear 'im out and hasten 'is death by old age? Crikey!

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I had several suggestions from readers about who Insanely Overpowered Fireballs could go after now that he's been demoted to Death of Living For Over 900 Years. I was surprised at just how many established and logically potential characters there were in that category. And this particular option led to such a ridiculous story arc that I've postponed my original idea to pursue this one for now. Thanks to the (multiple) readers who suggested Cthulhu, and whose combined thoughts gave me such fertile ground.

And I really like the pan back from IOF in panels 1 to 3. I have no idea where he's walking to on that infinite grey plane. The phone, I guess.

D. Lindsey points out that:
Strictly speaking, a pan is pivoting camera movement from left to right, a tilt is pivoting camera movement up and down, a dolly is movement along a track, and the series of shots you show in [this strip] is most akin to a crane shot.
So that's why Spielberg makes more money than I do.
2013-10-15 Rerun commentary: Looking at this strip again now, I can't help but wonder why Fireballs phoned Steve, instead of just manifesting next to him to have a regular conversation.

Maybe he didn't want to get within reach of Steve's wrestling grip.

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