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<   No. 608   2004-09-25   >

Comic #608

1 Terry: Steve! You're home!
1 Steve: Yeah, I got fired from me teachin' job.
2 Terry: Oh, too bad. Jane Goodall called. She left a message for you.
3 Steve: Crikey! Does she need my help with rampaging hippos? Overly aggressive elephants? Stroppy gorillas?
4 Terry: "UNESCO has gazetted all of Africa as a Special Biosphere Reserve. Steve must now remain at least 50km off the coast at all times."

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UNESCO is the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. It declares Biosphere Reserves around the world as part of a program to maintain biodiversity and encourage sustainable use of ecosystem resources.

And to keep out menaces to wildlife...

2013-10-08 Rerun commentary: Naturally this doesn't stop Steve later visiting Africa. I guess Jane probably knew that, but figured she'd try anyway.

How quaint that Terry took a message on an actual message pad. Where by "pad" I mean a stack of sheets of paper, not some sort of electronic device. And where by "paper" I mean a flat material made from wood pulp, not some sort of electronic device.

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