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<   No. 611   2004-09-28   >

Comic #611

1 Mordekai: {still in the tavern} I'm bored. What can we do?
2 Draak: Draak want fight. What say we start bar brawl?
2 Lambert: Yeah!
3 GM: Are you out of your minds?! It's full of armed people! A wooden building with open torches and oil lamps everywhere!
4 Kyros: Well, I can't think of any reason not to...

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This is the first time Draak has said more than two words in a row since #528.

And yes, Kyros is not only an out-of-control fire wizard, he's a pyromaniac out-of-control fire wizard.

2013-10-11 Rerun commentary: That's the then-new GURPS 4th Edition Basic rule book I'm holding in panel 3. I probably bought it shortly before making this strip.

Also, I can't believe I've never explained this in an annotation before (I just searched the entire strip database), but the silver thing Kyros holds in his left hand (you can see it up close on the left side of panel 1) is a telescope. Some of you may have assumed it was a wand or something similarly magical, or perhaps a weapon.

Well, I suppose you could whack people over the head with a telescope. It might work, but it wouldn't be great for the alignment of the optics.

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