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<   No. 612   2004-09-29   >

Comic #612

1 Stud: {holding up a photo he has found in Strangway's cottage} Who's this in this photo with Strangways?
2 Pleydell-Smith: Native fisherman by the name of Quarrel. Strangways was always going out on fishing trips.
3 Stud: Hmmm... maybe I should do some "fishing" too.
4 Pleydell-Smith: Ah, you think he was on to something, and want to follow his tracks?
4 Stud: What? No, I just like fishing.

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I'm glad I'm making decent progress on this theme again. Setting myself up to spoof the James Bond movies in chronological order was a neat idea, but it means I'm restricted in where I can go with the next gag, as I have to stick (roughly) to the plot of the film. This makes it harder to come up with the next strip.

I don't have this problem in the Star Wars theme, where I jump around between the movies with abandon, and hence have a much easier time fitting the jokes in.

As it is, I have a few great gags lined up for James Stud when he meets Goldfinger, but that's still two movies away!

2013-10-12 Rerun commentary: Eeek. I never got as far as Goldfinger in the end - I didn't even finish off From Russia With Love. That was really one of the biggest regrets of deciding to stop making these comics. I'd have loved to go through all of the James Bond films. It'd be a lot of work, though.

Perhaps some time in the future...

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