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<   No. 602   2004-09-19   >

Comic #602

1 Ophelia: {back in the office, standing with Will near his desk} Well, I guess we'd better head straight to the board room.
2 Shakespeare: {walking with her to the meeting room} Do you have a copy of the agenda for the productivity meeting?
3 Ophelia: No, I think only Mr Marlowe has it.
4 Shakespeare: Ah, as I suspected. A hidden agenda.

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The guy in the background in panel 4 is the first person other than Will, Ophelia, and Mr Marlowe that we've seen in their office. We'll see a bit more of him later on.

2013-10-01 Rerun commentary: Oh my! It's the first appearance of Mercutio! He would soon develop into another major character. More about that later, of course.

The word "agenda" is now so thoroughly Anglicised that it's treated as a singular word: This meeting has a long agenda. With a regular plural: Do you have the agendas for this afternoon's meetings?

The Latin root of the word is the singular agendum, of which the word agenda is the plural form. So if you want to be humorous you could insist that "agenda" is a plural and that if your meeting only has one item to discuss then it is actually an agendum.

This is a good way to be considered a pretentiously pedantic git by your office mates.

No, I do not speak from experience.

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